Product Code: 5KMT2115BOB

Now £59.99

(Sold as an agent of Euronics limited)


Coming with four different cooking settings, the 5KMT2115BOB will spoil you for choice. Whether you’re in a rush to feed the family, or treating yourself to a relaxed breakfast-in-bed, there’s a setting for you:
  • Bagel
  • Frozen
  • Reheat
  • Warm Up
Select the Bagel function to gently brown the outside of the bread, while toasting the inside. Or, opt for the Warm Up feature to quickly reheat that slice of toast you left on the side for too long. The Frozen programme will save you valuable time when you’re defrosting buns, pastries or breads. Save yourself stress in the morning rush and let your toaster do all the hard work.