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Available in black, with a sleek, minimal design, Samsung’s HW_K950XU is the perfect addition to any modern entertainment hub. HD audio on this model preserves the richness of every sound, with 24-bit sampling. Enjoy superior sound quality when listening to lossless file types (.flac, .alac, .aiff or .wav files).

15 Built-in Speakers

A comprehensive set of 15 separate speakers are built into the HW_K950XU, for the best possible audio experience. These speakers consist of:

  • Three tweeters – these recreate clear, crisp high notes.
  • Eight mid-range drivers – ensure that mid-range frequencies are warm and lifelike.
  • Four up-firing speakers – deliver vertical, object-based sound.

Wireless rear speakers and a subwoofer provide more immersive sound, and rich, deeper notes. Position these speakers for the best possible audio – without the hassle of cables tying you down.

This model features Dolby Atmos, for a more realistic audio experience. Dolby Atmos puts you at the centre of the action, placing each object’s audio in a 3D sound field. Experience high-quality, multi-channel audio with Dolby surround sound.

The HW_K950XU has been built with wide-range tweeters, meaning better sound coverage and a larger sound stage for viewers. You won’t need to sit in a ‘sweet spot’ to get top quality sound – enjoy crystal clear audio from anywhere in the room.

With six sound modes to choose from you are guaranteed to get the best audio levels, whatever you’re listening to. Sound modes include:

  • Standard
  • Music
  • Movie
  • Clear Voice
  • Sports
  • Night Mode
Connect Your Set Up

Combine the HW_K950XU with a SUHD TV and UHD Blu-Ray player to get the very best quality out of all of your content. 4K Pass-Through on this model means your 4K content will play seamlessly through the 5.1.4 Ch surround sound.

Connect this Soundbar wirelessly to Samsung Multiroom speakers to enjoy studio-quality music from anywhere in your home.

A wide range of built-in and wireless speakers give Samsung’s HW_K950XU incredible, multi-channel audio. Order yours today.


Product Description Flat Soundbar featuring object based sound powered by Dolby Atmos and with wireless rear speakers
System Type 5.1.4 Flat Soundbar with 15 built-in speakers (4 upfiring)
Power Output 500W
Speaker Type Soundbar
Subwoofer Type Wireless
HDMI Connections 2 Input 1 Output
Connectivity Bluetooth/Multiroom
Colour Black
  • Full 4K Entertainment
  • Wide Range Tweeters
  • Wireless Sub
  • High Resolution Audio
  • SMART Audio Compatible
  • Clear Voice Technology
  • TV Sound Connect
  • 4K Pass Through
Product Dimensions Main Speaker - 8.1 x 121 x 13.1cm
Rear Speaker - 21 x 12 x 14.1cm 
Sub - 39 x 20.3 x 41.4cm
Product Weight Main Speaker - 6.7kg
Speaker - 2kg
Sub - 9.6kg
Bar code (EAN No.) 8806088418988